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Monday, May 22, 2017

Knock Knock... Who's there?... The Missionaries!.....*no answer* <---my life

Family and Friends,

Time is honestly starting to fly by. This week was SO packed and SO busy with appointments and teaching and talking with EVERYONE. I feel as if my cup is overflowing with the goodness of God. SO many tender mercies abound and I feel absolutely spoiled.  

ZONE CONFERENCE AT THE TEMPLE!!! I was able to do the temple work for my Grandma who passed away many years ago. Wow, it was so special to just let my thoughts rest on her and how I was able to do the work for a loved one. I thought about our mutual love for playing the piano and how I wish I could've heard her play. I'm told by my dad she was quite the talented pianist. The rest of zone conference was AWESOME TOO!! Applicable techniques we can take into the field and use to better enhance our missionary work! 

We have a cute little girl named Kimberlin (she's 10 years old) on date to be baptized the 8th of July! She is so much fun to teach :) 

Wednesday had 7 appointments one after the other. Holy cow it was so busy. BUT IT WAS SO GREAT. We saw so many members and less active members. Getting to strengthen Christ's church here on the earth is a marvelous opportunity. 

For all you to get to know just how WISE my companion, Hermana Barroso is, here is a quote from her.  "God stretches out His hand towards us, He doesn't limply wave it about and wait for us to catch it. Rather He stretches it forth and asks for us to clasp and hang tightly to it as He tries to hang tightly to us." ---> reference Jacob 6:4 "And how merciful is our God unto us, for he remembereth the house of Israel, both roots and branches; and he stretches forth his hands unto them all the day long; and they are a stiffnecked and a gainsaying people; but as many as will not harden their hearts shall be saved in the kingdom of God." Ya. Ella tiene mucha sabiduria. 


well... I helped build a house. With like 20 other people. My main responsibility was to hang out 10 feet in the air on a ladder and nail up siding. Habitat for Humanity was building a house for a lady named Kellee and a lot of us missionaries got to take part Saturday! Oh, and since my name tag says Hermana Draper (Sister Draper) people thought my first name was Hermana. That was fun. And it was neat to wear jeans for a day instead of a skirt. 

How do you quite describe the blessed feeling you get when you find out that you were the answer to someone's prayer? 

 President Thomas S. Monson said:   “The sweetest experience I know in life is to feel a prompting and act upon it and later find out that it was the fulfillment of someone’s prayer or someone’s need. And I always want the Lord to know that if He needs an errand run, Tom Monson will run that errand for Him”

Sunday night, Hermana Barroso and I had an experience just like that. As we were out knocking doors, doing our best to open our mouths and share the word of Christ with those who are prepared and willing to hear, we both felt prompted to walk toward some certain apartment complexes. We head over and no one wants to talk to us or open the door. We go to the complex next to it, and same thing for most of the doors we knock on. Then a sweet older lady (her 60th birthday was Saturday) named Ann answered the door. She looked at us with a funny look on her face and tears came to her eyes as we said we were missionaries for Christ. We went into her living room and sat down as she plopped into a seat across from us. We talked for a while about how much God loves each of us and how she is trying to find the path that Christ wants her on. Ann shared that she had sent up a prayer asking for guidance and help from God. She wanted to figure things out with her life and follow Christ. A COUPLE MINUTES LATER, we knocked on her door as representatives of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yup. Talk about a neat experience. And talk about how happy we were that we had followed the prompting when we felt urged to head toward some complexes. 

I pray for y'all and hope that your week has been PEACHY ;) 

In the words of Elder Jefferey Holland: "Hope on. Journey On."

Con Amor, 

Hermana Draper

PS: Ok, I have become a forgetful person. I finally bought a micro SD adapter at Walmart today and.... ya I forgot to bring it with me to the library to send y'all pictures. So, sorry, but THERE WILL BE PICTURES NEXT WEEK! 

Side note: When setting goals, think about what God's goal is for you. Moses 1:39

Monday, May 15, 2017



Another week here in GA and boy oh boy was it packed with so much! Still here in the Chamblee Area and I love it so much. The people, the sights, the food. All of it. Ups and downs, yes, but wonderful blessings abound. 

I keep getting emails about y'all finishing up school and such! WAY TO BE! Glad you survived another year in the education system :) 

There was quite a few switcheroos among all of the Spanish Areas in the mission!! Sister Ewell went to go open up a new Spanish sister area in the Shenandoah Branch (Fayetteville, Peachtree City area) with a missionary who is going home at the end of this 6 week transfer! Sister Barroso is my NEW COMPANION AND GUESS WHAT MY HUMANS???? She. Loves. Star. Wars. AND she is probs one of the best artists I know. SO EXCITED TO WORK WITH HER!!!

We had another lesson with Lily! She is the sweetest woman and has the kindest heart. She opened up to us as we talked about the gospel truth that God is our Loving Heavenly Father. Usually that point is taught along with about 5 other points, but this time we felt to just really focus on that one topic. The spirit was so strong as Lily expressed her love for her children and how everything she does is for them. We related those feelings to not even being able to imagine how much God loves us and how He has prepared a wonderful plan for us to grow and to learn. Can't wait to continue meeting with her :)

If any of you remember about Kirkland, the one who showed up to church, a friend of Branch President Madsen's, said he wanted to learn more. ANYWHO, HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED MAY 28th!!! So excited for him. The other Elders in our branch are teaching him and they say that his questions are so deep because he reads everything beforehand and researches/studies on his own. They say the lessons are just FILLED with the Spirit.  

MARIA AND ASHLEE GOT BAPTIZED!!!! First off, Sister Barroso and I showed up early to the church building to get everything set up. We found a big spider and a centipede looking bug in the baptismal font.... So being the brave missionaries we are, we "took care" of those quickly so we could sweep and mop out the font. Arranged the chairs, copied off baptism programs, and moved a piano into the room. When the Ramirez family got there, we took some pictures and the girls wanted to see how hot the water was in the font (They were terrified it was going to be cold :) 

President Foote and Sister Foote (my mission president and his wife) showed up!!! Sister Ewell and her new companion did too!!! Sister Ewell had to translate for them cuz they don't speak spanish :) Good thing the Spirit can speak in a way that all hearts understand :) The Spirit was so peaceful during the baptism program and everything went smoothly. Ashlee and Maria were all smiles.

My heart was filled with so much joy for this family. I didn't know my heart could hold in that much love! They are in no way picture perfect, but they are trying to live in a way that brings them closer to Christ. They have their faults, but so do we all. Each of us are beloved Sons and Daughters of a Heavenly Father. 

Patriarch Garcia, the elderly gentleman who baptized the girls came up to talk to me afterwards, (in spanish, so here's a loose translation) "I'm evidently not that good with math. Why I say this is because I have participated in the baptisms of many people and always feel so much joy. I have never baptized two people in one day before though always only one. It didn't occur to me how I would feel after two baptisms. It surprised me. Double the joy. Double the happiness. My heart is about to burst." My eyes started to tear up. We stood there simply soaking in the spirit that was abundantly present in the room. Double the love with Maria and Ashlee. 

Sunday was MOTHER'S DAY!!! So you want to know what that means for missionaries across the world??? WE GET TO TALK TO OUR MOMS :) And the rest of the fam, but especially our mom's on that day dedicated to the women in our lives that sacrifice so much for us. Sister Barroso and I each got some time to call and FaceTime our families. Surprise: My fam is still as weird as ever. It was SO good to FaceTime and talk with them. Josh even was there! He took a last minute trip from Colorado to surprise my Mom and get to FaceTime me!

I pray that your weeks have each gone splendidly and you are finding the tender mercies in each day. This life is much too beautiful to only life halfheartedly. 

Gracias a Jesucristo podemos progresar y llegar a ser mas como El. Yo se que esta vida es dificil por cada uno de nosotros, pero necesitamos luchar. Perseverar hast el fin. Estamos en una batalla con el diablo y con pecado. No podemos sentarnos y hacer nada mientras otras personas (nuestros hermanos y hermanas) estan perdiendo sus luchas. Es necesario que ayudemos a los demas! Podemos compartir nuestro conocimiento de Cristo en todo lugar. Somos los manos del Senor aqui en la tierra. 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Draper

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I hope the Force was with you on May the 4th....

Familia y Amigos,

This email is coming to you from Dunwoody, Georgia where the weather cannot seem to make up it's mind lately! We have been getting buckets of rain dumped on us, this weird misty phenomenon, wind, sunny skies, chilly spurts, and everything in between. 

May the 4th! I drew Star Wars quotes and pictures on lots of sticky notes and stuck them above Sister Ewell's desk. She rolled her eyes and laughed :) 

WE GOT TRANSFER NEWS: I'm staying as a Spanish sister missionary in the Chamblee Branch!!!! My companion/trainer Sister Ewell is being transferred out Wednesday and I will get a new companion then! Excited/nervous to find out who my new companion will be. Either way, God's got it all figured out :) 

District meeting was given by the Elders who serve in Dunwoody. The topics were "Love as the Motivation" and "Be More Healthy". We all can love people more. The process to develop Christlike charity is a lifelong pursuit and does not come over night. It takes WORK. A lot of patience. And simply trying to see the good in others and their potential. When you look at a stranger, see them as God sees them. A child of God. Filled with divine potential :) Elder Turner's training on being healthy was pretty much a testament to the fact that I am the least healthy person on the planet. He was giving ideas for healthy meals and I am just sitting there... "Um. I eat chocolate Chex cereal. With milk." 

Maria and Ashlee are getting baptized Saturday!!!!!! OH MY HECK I AM SO EXCITED!!! We had two lessons with their family this past week and they are progressing so much, not just the two girls, but the entire family. We were able to have the parents in on the lessons and have them bear some pretty powerful testimonies and help us explain doctrinal principles. Their parents are so concerned about making sure the girls are ready, and that it is something they are choosing to do and don't feel pressured in any way. I love that family sooooo much!!!!!!!

Juana. Juana. Juana. Our dear sweet less active member who is a little bit "out there". She is HILARIOUS and always boosts my self esteem (or inflates my ego, either one) by reminding me and everyone around me how "hermosa" I am. I quite enjoy my "princesa" and "angel" nicknames :) SHE CAME TO CHURCH! Made my heart happy to see her in the congregation :)

Dianne, a member who is starting to come back to church took us out for breakfast Saturday morning to an adorable spot called Le Petit Marchet. Frenchy sounding right? AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS IS WHAT IT WAS. Gosh oh goodness I ate so much. Parmesan biscuits. French toast with bacon and eggs in the middle. Rosemary potatoes. We seriously ordered half the menu. And ate pretty much all. We only boxed a couple biscuits. Dianne has a heart of gold. She cares. So much. She is so real. Genuine. She just wants to do good in this world and enjoy life. She has blue and purple hair and it makes my heart happy :) She is pumped to get more involved in church and help bring her special flare to things :) 

Visited the Aranguren family for lunch one day and little Valentina ran out in a...... MULAN COSTUME. She started pretending to do some type of karate looking fighting while yelling in Spanish at me. My heart melted. 

So amazing. It's been a part of my personal study for the past 4 days. Ya it takes a while if you go through it and read every single one of the scriptures. Or I'm just slow. BUT SO WORTH IT. 

Mother's Day is this Sunday. I invite each of you to show an extra dose of love to your mom and to the women in your life that have made an impact. I know so many women in my life who treat me as a daughter and love me for who I am. We are blessed with the best! 

I pray each of you are well! Love you all! 

Yo se que Jesucrito estara alli cuando usted lo necesite. No importa la cosa. No importa el tiempo. Jesucristo es nuestro amigo y hermano. 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Draper

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sometimes I feel useless, then I remember I breathe out carbon dioxide for plants.

Fam and Friends,

The weather is currently doing this weird thing where it is pouring rain, but also at the same time super muggy and humid. And hot. Georgia. The weather and me have a love-hate relationship here. I never do my hair anymore, the humidity just makes it a poof ball anyway. Braids for dayzzz.

I hope all is well for each of you as we enter MAY!!! Holy guacamole, it's already May. That basically means its summer. I hope for my FFA folks, conventions are going AWESOME and you are livinit up in the blue jacket! For everyone finishing up finals or school, SI SE PUEDE!! You can do it :) Hang in there.  

We had Zone Training and President interviews Tuesday! Learned loads of great things and am excited to apply them to the work. I am so grateful for a mission president who is truly inspired of God and magnifies his calling. 

Language wise: I gave a talk in church. All in Spanish. People LAUGHED AT MY JOKES. That means, they understood me. SCORE. Honestly, it is hard going from fully being able to express myself and have fun speaking in front of large groups, to having a difficult time figuring out the words and it taking a while to get across my point. But through the strength of the Lord, weak things can be made strong unto us! Ether 12:27 reads "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." It doesn't matter where we are at on the path. The only thing that God cares about is which direction we are heading and if we are MOVING towards Him. The pace we go is not important. Just as in life, sometimes we are capable of flat-out sprints. Other times, baby steps with a railing to hold on to is all we can manage. Christ is there every step, no matter how minuscule or wobbly. And if needs be, He will carry us. 

We got to see Lily this week! She is so open to the Gospel and loves to learn. We are so PUMPED to continue teaching her and I am super excited for our lesson on Wednesday that will be about how much God loves us :) 

We had a lesson with the Ramirez family about the Plan of Salvation! The two oldest girls, Maria and Ashlee, now HAVE A BAPTISM DATE for the 13th of May!!! We are so excited for those beautiful girls to make covenants with their Father in Heaven and take upon themselves the name of Christ. 

My odd homemaking skills came into play and I baked a couple dozen cupcakes to take to members :) There is just something soothing to the soul about whipping up a batch of yummy, unhealthy goodness and seeing people you love enjoy them. 

Saturday brought a beautiful sealing of a precious family in our Branch. The Arangurens were baptized a little over a year ago and have continued faithfully ever since. The joy of watching their adorable family walk out of the temple was priceless. Seeing the joy written all over their countenances was inspiring. This Gospel unites families for eternity :)   

I love you all. Your prayers are felt. Sigue Adelante :) 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Draper