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Monday, August 7, 2017

Missionary, Bubble Soccer player, and Hair Cutting Pro

Hey folks!

This week was quite tame compared to the craziness of last week. No pepper spray was used and no one got baptized in our area. BUT we did have a few cool things happen!

Last Preparation Day (Monday) we had a hay day. Sister De La Rosa Frias and I planned out a BUBBLE SOCCER and Pancakes morning for the entire zone of about 20 missionaries :) Talk about fun. Basically surround yourself in a plastic bubble thing and run into everyone around you while trying to kick a soccer ball. My knees were so bruised and I was usually rolling around on the ground in my bubble. The pancakes turned out great! After about probably 4 burnt/messed up ones.... I'm a missionary, not a pancake cooking genius. All the missionaries brought different stuff for the breakfast and it turned out legit. 

One of the Elders in my district decided to trust me with his life. Well, with his hair, but practically the same thing for some guys. So... I have never cut a guy's hair... I have only ever groomed dogs... And I LET ELDER SMITH KNOW THIS BEFORE STARTING. I prayed so hard in my heart not to mess up and it actually turned out sweet!! I used clippers on the lower part, did a fade on the sides and scissored off a little over a half inch of hair on the top. Elder Smith was quite happy with the end result! 

Jonathan is stronger than ever and had his first week of school in the US! Ha. Oh gosh. It is so funny to hear him explain about his english classes and the high school he goes to. "I wandered around lost so many times." "I really had to go to the bathroom during class. And it was getting to the point where you can't think. So I stood up and asked to go. The teacher responded that I had to ask in English (it was an English class for students who only spoke Spanish). I was so flustered I said "DE DONDE ERES??(where are you from)"  She saw my need, understood enough and let me go." We are praying Jony learns English fast :) 

Missionary Leadership Council was on Friday!! And boy, was that a cup filling experience. So good to see missionaries that went to other areas and I haven't seen in a while. We really focused on the principle of faith and how it affects diligence. I am excited to see the difference in the mission as we all work harder :)

Did a lot of knocking doors this week. It is entertaining to see different people's reactions when they answer the door :) 

Sorry this email is a wee short, but don't have much time! Love you all and pray for you. Never forget your chance to be great and share God's love :)

We always have to ability to change. Never think you are too far gone. Christ descended below it all so that He would know how to heal us. Trust in Him. 

Estoy tan agradecida por esta oportunidad de servir una mision :) Este es lo mejor mensaje en todo el mundo :)

Con Amor, 

Hermana Draper

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