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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2 exchanges = a really happy and tired Sister Draper

Hey folks :) Love you all so much :) 


So grateful for this country we have to live in with the freedoms we enjoy. Thank you to all those who have served, are serving, or will serve!!! Shout out to my baby brother (he is almost 19, not so baby anymore) who reports for basic training in the Navy in a couple weeks! 

Fourth of July found 5 of our 8 appointments cancel, so that was a disappointment, but we didn't let that keep us down! We kept trying to make the most of our time and meet cool new people! One of the members of the Branch was hosting a BBQ so we of course hit that up. 

We had our first District Meeting in our tiny Cunningham District... there was us and the Cunningham Elders. So 4 in total. But strength does not come from numbers it comes from dedication to the Lord :) 

The sisters who have been assigned to travel around the mission and go on exchanges were with us half of Thursday and half of Friday. Sister Richman from Idaho came with me and we had a hoot! She was a good sport and enjoyed the spanish lessons even though she couldn't speak a word past Hola. Thank goodness two of the people we taught could also speak english and she was able to participate. We taught Celine!!! She is so much fun to teach and every time we meet with her I just end up laughing so much. Her desire to change her life is evident and her love of Christ is so real. Her eyes were so wide and excited as we taught about the Book of Mormon. When we asked her what she thought of what we had said, she looked at us and said "It's true. I know it is." AHHHH so exciting :) 

When Sister Richman and I were contacting a potential investigator we had previously set up an appointment with, the older aged father opened the door instead of the woman we were trying to meet with. Evidently the woman was at work and the father came out on the porch to talk to us. Well, it wasn't really "talking" more like preaching full volume. He read 2 entire chapters from the Bible and told us all about how he was a pastor in El Salvador. He talked nonstop for about 45 minutes. I felt so bad for Sister Richman who couldn't speak spanish. 

We had a couple more lessons with Jonathan this week! He is continuing to read the Book of Mormon and he came to a baptism of an investigator I used to teach in Chamblee! But he was too tired to come to church... so that broke our hearts. 

Exchanges with the Atlanta Sisters!! Awesome times :) I went with Sister Sundwall who is from Riverside Utah! So close to home! It is her last transfer here on her mission and then she goes home! We taught the cutest woman named Katie who is getting baptized next week! Her husband works for the Marvel film crew. So basically I met Chris Evans through 2 people. Basically. I loved getting to spend time with Sister Sundwall and get to know her better. She is a radiant daughter of God!! 


I also had to give the talk on baptism there in spanish in front of my mission president. Nerve racking. Wanna know how to get a humility check? Do public speaking for years and then try to switch languages. You are humbled reallllyyyy fast. 

The baptism was so wonderful and my heart was so happy to see the Flores family :) 

This Gospel is all about change and growth. It is about improving each day through the miracle of repentance. It is about holding to the hand of the Lord as He lifts us higher. He can make so much more of us than we can on our own. 

Sigue Adelante!!!

I love you all!!!!

Con Amor, 

Hermana Draper

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