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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Do mountains exist in Georgia? Nope. Just some glorified hills.

Hey FOLKS :) 

Wow. I feel like it was only a couple hours ago that I emailed last. But it was a week ago. Time literally flew by this week filled with wonderful people and of course, the beautiful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I pray everyone is getting tan and not too sunburned during these hot summer days :) Throw some extra water balloons for me! And have a safe and CRAZY FUN FOURTH of JULY!!!! Light up them fireworks!!! One of our members in the Cunningham Branch spent $600 on a firework package at Costco.... if on the news you find out Georgia got blown off the map... you heard the warning first from me. 

Went hiking today. More like walking on a slightly inclined surface. Georgia, I understand your state pride and all, but Kennesaw Mountain got nothing on Zion. But Kennesaw mountain had tons of trees and a pretty view :) Really neat historical museum that made me realize I had forgotten pretty much all of my history knowledge from high school. 


Aracely. She has been being taught by the Sisters for over a year now, with little progress due to a job that she works on Sundays that keep her from coming to church. We went into our lesson with the plan to let her know that we can't keep visiting and teaching her unless she is progressing and keeping commitments. During the lesson the Spirit was so strong as she shared her testimony of how she believed the Gospel and wanted to find a new job and she was scared to take that leap of faith. We talked with her about how Christ will be there every step of the way as she makes the necessary changes in her life and aligns her life with God's will. So excited for her to put all her trust in a loving Heavenly Father :) 

Zone conference was fun getting to see everyone and learn more about how we can be bolder in sharing the Gospel!!

Jonathan was really surprised when he realized the cupcakes that I brought to church for people I had made myself. He kept saying "Tu hiciste estos??" yes. yes. We taught him twice this week and each time I come to love that kid more. He is so much fun to teach and has a big heart. Really wants to learn for himself and grow closer to God. His cousin was baptized back in December and has been an incredible example to him! Juan Carlos told Jonathan they will start reading the scriptures each night together. Out loud. (Jonathan complained only at the out loud part)

ISELA IS ON DATE TO BE BAPTIZED THIS MONTH!!! I am SO EXCITED IF YOU CAN"T TELL. We taught her about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End and Wowsers. So powerful and she wants so bad to set a good example for her children and come unto Christ. Whenever I look into her eyes and testify of Christ I feel this love for the daughter of God and see all that she can become. Look at people and see them as what they can become with God's hand in their life. 

Church. My oh my. Fun times. I accompanied a family singing a song and the whole time I tried not to laugh from smiling so big. The kids just sang their hearts out and praised our Heavenly Father with their pure hearts and young voices. There was a sweet, simple baby blessing and my oh my that baby was CUTE. Usually babies have a tendency to be real old looking and wrinkly looking, slightly alienish when they are new, but this one was super CUTE! Jonathan and Lizbeth's kids came to church! 

We taught Lizbeth last night and had a member from our Branch with us. We taught about the Gospel of Christ and Lizbeth had some deep questions. Such as how exactly have we witnessed the Holy Ghost influence and speak to us during our lives. Sister Smith (the member) testified so beautifully of the guidance she has received when making decisions and the help she has been blessed with to fight through hard times. You could tell Lizbeth was very touched. Lizbeth said the closing prayer and during it Linzy whispered to her about letting them be baptized. It was so cute :) Hopefully Lizbeth will be able to come with the kids to church next week!

I think Celine was the most entertaining human this week. Has been in jail 3 times, used to be a drug dealer, and wants so bad to change her life and make a U turn. Just got out from her last 3 year sentence a couple weeks ago. She is hilarious and so fun to teach. Just to see her desire to come unto Christ and not be of the world is so inspiring. She tells her parole officer that she is meeting with her 'church sisters' and that she's gonna be ok.

My life is great :) 

Before I left Utah, people asked me why I wanted to give up another year and a half of my life instead of going back to school and getting started on building up a "life".  I simply want to share this joy that I have with others. I want to let everyone know about a loving Heavenly Father who LOVES them and wants them to change and become better. I want to share with Everyone that we have Christ as our faithful friend and Savior. This is what makes me happy. This is what brings me true joy. I know I will continue to help others come unto Christ after my mission, but being able to do this 24/7 for 18 months? That's a glorious blessing.

Yo se que nuestor Salavador sacrificio por nosotros. El sacrificio por mi y por ti. gracias a El podemos ser limpios de nuestros pecados y llegar a ser mas como El. 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Draper

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