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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The font is gonna get filled on Saturday...

Familia y Amigos,

I have yet to hurry and whip up a baptismal program (hint hint) so I don't have much time to type up this email! 

That being said, I bet you are wondering--- A baptismal program? Well, if she needs to make one of those, that must mean....


Jonathan is getting baptized! Oh my heck I still can't quite believe it myself :) 

So, this past week we have been seeing him everyday for about 1-2 hours depending on if we do a lesson and teach English or just teach English. We have been going part by part through the Gospel of Christ, making sure everything is taught clearly and guided by the Spirit. We have been using object lessons, sometimes a whole lesson is a chapter in the Book of Mormon. All the while, checking up on his personal reading in the Book of Mormon (peeps, the boy is already finished with 1 Nephi) and encouraging him to pray daily. 

Then the miracle happened Saturday. (Of course. At the end of the week.)

We began the lesson talking about the covenants of baptism. We made sure we were talking in "general" about them, because the last time we had talked about baptism 2 weeks ago he was way nervous and didn't want to feel pressured. So we go through and then talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost. We related it to playing soccer. You can play soccer by yourself and never really grow to become a great player. You need a team and you need a coach in order to genuinely improve. Just as in the Gospel. You can wander around by yourself for a while, but if you truly want to develop into the person God wants you to be you need to join Christ's church so you can have the Holy Ghost as your coach to lead and guide you through life's decisions. You'll then have a support system in the team to help you play in the game of life with all you got. 

Then somehow the conversation turned to the Plan of Salvation. Then to how we lived with our Heavenly Father before we were born. Then to the angels that were cast out of heaven when Satan rebelled. Then at the end, once we had answered every question that he had had prepared, we asked him---"Which team do you want to join?" Jonathan said, "The one that wins." "Well, that's God's team." "Yes, God's team." We then took a leap that the Spirit had been pushing for and asked what was holding him back. "Nothing." Our faces must've been priceless at this moment as we then asked what he needed to make the decision. "A push" "What kind of push?" "A date." He checked his phone for the date, "It's the 22nd, how about the 28th?" "Well, how about the 29th because its a Saturday and your mom can come after work?" "Ok!" Then at this moment, Brother Montenegro (we teach Jonathan in his house every time) came running into the living room "Yes! That is a good date!" Sister De La Rosa Frias and I couldn't contain ourselves as we just sat hugging each other as Jonathan looked at us like we were a little crazy. Then Jonathan said "Stop it, you are going to make me cry."

I just keep smiling because I love this kid so much and he even wants to go on a mission once he graduates from high school in a couple years. He has changed. There is so much new light in him. He is becoming a new person in Christ. 

Well, I really need to start on that baptismal program :)

This work is beautiful. I am so happy. The Church is true! God is so good!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Draper

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